Bank Business Loan Application , CGC , SME / SMI Loan , Islamic Banking . Skim Pinjaman Mikro Kredit , Microfinancing , When Bank say "NO" we say "YES", When Bank say "YES" we say "YES, YES" We provide one stop business Financial solutions Pinjaman IKS 2013 Dana Kerajaan dan Agency Tabung PKS



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One Stop Business Financial Solutions Two more finance schemes for SMEs


V.N.M. Management Consultants established in 1999, specialises in the loan and financial management needs of individual and business. Our business finance consultant can help you establish corporate credit. Growing companies or owners with personal lines and even bankruptcy, bad records with CCRIS and CTOS can still qualify to obtain credit services. Below are some of the areas of expertise maintained by our firm.


Normal case


Permohonan Pinjam,, Bank Dana Kerajaan




> Menyediakan Dokumentasi untuk permohonan
> Kertas kerja untuk tujuan pinjaman
> Diakui oleh semua Bank dan Agency Kerajaan
> 2 hari - keputusan permohonan dari pihak Bank
> Tiada " Commission". Tiada "Processing Fee"
> Pinjaman Perniagaan, Kad kredit, Peribadi dan Grant


Typical case:


The customer having its own proper documentation, whereby they need us to touch up the accounts, prepare cash flow,  Management Account ,write-up the proposal, fill up the bank application form and channel the application to our banker for process.


Critical case :


The cases whereby unacceptable by the bank, for example, fail scoring / rejected due to the documentation provided unable to reflect the Company current activity, Company less than 1 year, having CCRIS / CTOS / SME Credit Bureau bad record, Commitment to high, Industry risk, and others.


To engage our services, the applicant need to fill up the  assessment forms and E mail to us, with this information provided, we will assess the applicant and classify the customers either under Normal case,   Typical case or Critical case.











In the near future, V.N.M. Management Consultants will be expanding the company’s networking by creating more branches and sales office to deliver and ensure a better, fast and efficient services to serve the Malaysian SMEs.

Proudly we can say Total Honesty, Trust and Believe is our company’s theme.

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